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Our approach is based on deep data analysis and measurable results. Each recommendation we provide will be split-tested to verify a positive outcome before being fully deployed on your website. We’ll ensure there is a statistical significance during each optimization test that we run. The CRO process is ongoing and strives for the most optimal conversion funnels achievable.

How Does CRO work? A Look at Our Process

Step 1. Setup advanced analytical tracking and collect data

  • Evaluate (if you have one in place) or create a KPI measurement plan according to your business goals.
  • Evaluate your tracking setup and ensure consistency with your measurement plan.
  • Set up additional tracking if needed (mouse tracking, video session recording analysis, form analytics, etc.).
  • Segment website users to evaluate the behaviors of each and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2. Create hypothesis to test

Based on our findings from step #1 we will create a list of hypothesis for testing. Our approach does not involve guessing or deferring to what is considered as “best practices”. Every business and it’s audience is a unique situation that should be evaluates on a case-by-case basis. Each hypothesis will be tested and validated methodically before permanent implementation.

Step 3. Conducting tests

The implementation plan for our testing depends on website traffic volume and the type of enhancement we are making. The testing will not always be Split and A\B tests and the length of each experiment depends on the traffic volume needed to reach statistical significance.

Step 4. Evaluating results

At the conclusion of each round of testing we’ll evaluate the results using revenue per visitor (RPV) as the metric and/or conversion increase percentages. Once we have confirmed a positive outcome from a given test, it will be deployed and continuously tracked.

Clear Results Measuring

Results are measured by KPI’s such as: % increase in leads, $ increased revenue, average order value.

For select clients we are also open to “pay for results” partnerships.

Isolated Issue Solutions

For critical situations where there are drastic decreases in conversions we can investigate isolated issues, and later complete a more comprehensive CRO analysis.

  • Investigate the cause of sudden conversion decreases
  • Identify Google Analytics eCommerce data discrepancies
  • Implement or audit tracking setup
  • Identify the cause of the issue and outline a plan to resolve it


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