Human Pheromones Review

Pheromones can be used by everyone irrespective of lifestyle they follow. So there are best five concentrated pheromone products for your reference categorized differently for men and women.

The product has been chosen after proper market research and analysis. The reviews and feedbacks of the customers from different websites were studied and then the conclusion was reached.

  • Concentrated pheromone is more effective compared to other products.
  • Price of the product is directly proportional to the active substance present on the concentration.
  • If you are not getting expected result from your regular perfume give a try to these unscented products.
  • Happy and loyal customers are the key to business so before selecting these finest products importance has been given to every single detail, and with absolute sincerity, more than 200 pheromone products were studied.
  • The genuine and unbiased feedback from the customers through questionnaires helped to shortlist these products among other more than hundreds similar product in the market.

Top 5 Concentrated Pheromone Cologne for Men


Rank #2
Alpha 7 Scented for Men
Alpha-7 includes 40% more pheromone content than Primal Instinct and a more complex formula including both androsteRONE and androsteNONE
Price: $59.95
Rank #3
New Pheromone Additive for Men
3.5mg total pheromone content per 10ml bottle. Includes 2mg androsteNONE, 1mg androsteNOL, 0.5mg androsteDIENONE, and an oil base.
Price: $44.95
Rank #4
Scent of Eros Pheromones for Men
Scent of Eros for Men has a nice musky scent and contains a high concentration of AndrosteNOL sure to bring in hits from the women around you.
Price: $49.95
Rank #5
Liquid Trust Pheromones
Instead of pheromones Liquid Trust contains a special social hormone not found in most pheromone products. Studies have shown that it can help people gain the trust of others
Price: $29.95

Products Comparison


Rank Product / volume Components Amount of pheromones Price
Rank #1 Chikara Cologne – 10ml AndrosteNONE
and 4 more 
10mg $59.95
Rank #2 Alpha-7 Unscented – 10ml AndrosteRONE – 1mg
AndrosteNONE – 6mg
7mg $59.95
Rank #3 New Pheromone Additive – 10ml AndrosteNONE – 2mg
AndrosteNOL – 1mg
AndrosteDIENONE – 0.5mg 
3.5mg  $44.95
Rank #4 Scent of Eros – 10ml AndrosteNOL – 5mg 5mg $49.95
Rank #5 Liquid Trust  – 30ml Oxytocin  – $29.95


Best Concentrated Pheromone Perfume for Women

Rank #2
Primal Women
Based on the well-known Primal Instinct Pheromones For Women, Primal Women is one of the most potent unscented pheromone for women. Each 10 ml bottle includes androsteNOL and copulins.
Price: $59.95
Rank #3
Alter Ego for Women
Alter Ego includes androsteNONE, androsteNOL and androsteRONE to make an incredibly balanced and effective formula. Alter Ego for Women can enhance your mood, sex appeal, and self-confidence.
Price: $49.95
Rank #4
Mistress Pheromones
Mistress produces a 10ml roll-top bottle of Functional Pheromones for Women. Here are the specific ingredients: Copulins, Vomeropherin, Estratetraniol, TRP2 (Axillary Secretions), V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids)
Price: $48.95
Rank #5
Liquid Trust Pheromone
Instead of pheromones Liquid Trust contains a special social hormone - Oxytocin, which is not found in most pheromone products. Liquid Trust can also be combined with any of other pheromone products.
Price: $29.95

Products Comparison

Rank Product / volume Components Amount of pheromones Price
Rank #1 Essence of a Woman – 7.5ml Pure copulins unknown $29.95
Rank #2 Primal Women – 10ml AndrosteNOL Copulins unknown $59.95
Rank #3 Alter Ego– 7.5ml AndrosteNONE – 2% AndrosteNOL – 15%  AndrosteRONE – 10% unknown $45.95
Rank #4 Mistress Pheromones  – 10ml Copulins Vomeropherin Estratetraniol TRP2 (Axillary Secretions) V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids) unknown $48.95
Rank #5 Liquid Trust  – 30ml Oxytocin unknown $29.95


But What About Pheromones For Gay?

The researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the brains of gay and bisexual men responded positively when exposed to the pheromones found in semen and male sweat, known as

Read our article about androstadienone pheromones for gay men.


Improve Your Personality with Effective Pheromone Product

Pheromone is the resolved mystery of living kingdom. All living organism releases pheromone for communication. Now science has helped to understand the different pheromones and their uses for communication in a living organism. 

Yes, scientists say, your airborne compounds send signals about your moods, your sexual orientation and even your genetic makeup

Benefits of Pheromone Products

With further experiments, scientists have concluded that pheromone can be extracted and preserved for artificial uses. It has been initially applied in different kinds of agricultural farming’s and surprisingly outcome matched with the expectation. The effectiveness of these pheromones finally grabbed the eyes of perfume industry and henceforth pheromone products are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds worldwide. Some of the key benefits of pheromone products are: 

  • Boost the confidence
  • Build strong relationship with colleagues
  • Satisfactory sexual relationship
  • Tempting facial interaction from opposite sex
  • Easy to earn respect from female and vice versa
  • Positive impact on frequency of sex from the same partner
  • Considerable increase in number of sex partners

Mechanism of Pheromone Action

Pheromone is a chemical substance produced by every living organism and released into the environment to trigger the responses in the members of same species. For most of the species in is a common mode of communication. All living species irrespective of their size, appearance, breeding methods, food habit, etc. produce pheromone in their body.

Sex is an inevitable and important need of every species. So for engaging in sexual activities, it is essential to know the interest and reproductive status of the partner. It is the common form of the message conveyed by all living species such as animal, insect, non-insect, plant, bacteria, protist, fungus, etc. Some of the species even could not notice the most attractive female in front of them is she does not release the pheromone.

Pigs produce androstenone hormones for attracting the sow for mating. In pig farming, the use of androstenone has provided an outstanding result for keeping the male pig studs with less investment. With an effective Boar-Mate, artificial insemination can be done conveniently by the farmers themselves.

One can surely question the functionality of these products in human although this is a common mode of communication in other animals from the beginning of life. Humans, on the other hand, are the most advanced, evolved among mammals and lost many of its original behaviors eventually during the process of evolution and now with ever-emerging technologies, they are the most superior among the rest.

We fall in love at first “smell.”
“Smell” is the woefully inadequate way we describe sensing someone’s pheromones — a type of scent-bearing chemical secreted in sweat and other bodily fluids. Pheromones are known to be involved in sexual attraction in animals, and research suggests that they may also play a role for people. A type of pheromone called a “releaser” — which includes the compounds androstenone, androstadienone and androstenol — may be involved in sexual attraction, according to

For a human the artificial pheromone in spray or liquid form is equally effective and beneficial for conveying a message for sexual interest and desire as due to the modern lifestyle most of the people might have lost some of their original pheromone secretion ability.

Significant of Nose for Sensing Pheromone

Needless to say though how much human might have developed physically, mentally and socially but being a part of the mammal family they still react to the original form of communication. Like most of the hormones secreted by human are odorless pheromone is also odorless but sex pheromone can still be sensed by the nose. Vomeronasal organ located inside the nose is mainly responsible for sensing pheromone for human.

We now know, for example, that pheromones do help you smell someone else’s gender, and there’s some preliminary evidence that pheromones might be a potential X factor for attraction and fertility.

Once nose senses pheromone, then it will be sent to the brain and body will react according to their sexual desire and interest.  Even in the absence or blockage of the receptors nasal pheromone somehow sensed through the nasal passage only, and people get attracted as per their sexual preferences.

Sex Pheromone Production

In a human; a considerable amount of the pheromone is produced on the armpit. After the production of pheromone by the body it comes out through fluids like sweats and gets exposed to the environment, and a nearby receptor can sense it through their nasal passage.

People need to understand that pheromone, unlike perfume, acts on human behavior by influencing the senses of the receptor. The use of deodorant and perfume suppress the smell of pheromone and thus leaves no impact on the receptor.

Use of Pheromone for Utmost Benefits

Pheromone in artificial form is an amazing and effective invention of perfume industry that helps human to regain its primitive nature of communication and to gain the attention of opposite or same sex as per need. Few factors to consider before using it which will result in maximum impact are:

  • Correct spot – Finding the correct spot is important for getting the expected result. With more amounts you cannot expect more result, on the other hand, less amount will go unnoticed by people. For the new user, it is advisable to start with one drop and gradually increase the drops as per requirements. Usually, 1-3 drops are sufficient for getting the outstanding outcome.
  • A correct body part Next select the correct place so that the receptor can easily receive the amazing smell and get attracted to your personality. The three best places to put the pheromone spray drops are the side of jawline, neck, or scalp if your hair is short. As these body parts remain warm and the chemical gets easily diffused.
  • Avoid putting it on scalp if your hairs are long as the product you will be using for your maintenance of your will suppress the pheromone effect. Even you can use it on the dress but don’t forget to put little extra amount compared to the amount that you put directly on your body parts. Using them on your dress will be beneficial as receptors will easily identify who is releasing the scent.
  • Prevent stressed out – Staying mentally fit is as important as physically fit. If you use the pheromone product and don’t feel peace of mind then its use worthless. Some people complaint of stressed out due to regular use of the product. They can’t concentrate on the impact of the product and feel depressed. In such cases taking Vitamin B supplement will be immensely beneficial as it helps to enhance mental strength and concentration naturally.
  • Maintain proper hygiene Keeping you clean will help to maintain the right amount of pheromone as most of the people release a good amount of natural pheromone which when get mixed with artificial pheromone will result in overdose and consequently end up in unnecessary wastage of the product. So wash yourself daily and try to keep clean which is beneficial for both your health and getting the expected result.
  • Improve personality – While using the pheromone product does not rely only on the poduct effectiveness for getting the desired result. The combined result of your effort and the product’s quality will provide an outstanding result. Initially, people might get attracted to you because of the product but to sustain their interest you have to work on your personality. So try to improve some of the basic skills such as communication skill, dress well, smart talk, appealing physique, etc. and notice an incredible difference in your life. Selecting right product would help you to lead an admirable and inspiring life.

Up to pheromone comparison table: pheromones for men, pheromones for women.