How Pheromones Work – 6 facts

How Pheromones Work – 6 facts We tend to think that in sexual desire only what we see influences, but we leave aside that our body functions in complex ways and that in sexual attraction other factors like the smell, tone of voice, contact, among others, also influence making all the senses come into play. Surely […]

Pheromones FAQ

WHAT ARE THE PHEROMONES? The word “pheromone” comes from the Greek words ‘pheran’ and ‘horman’ which mean ‘carrier of excitement’. Pheromones are chemical substances of natural origin secreted by insects, animals, and people to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Animals use them to demarcate their territory, find their peers of the opposite sex […]

How to Emit More Of Natural Pheromones?

Pheromones are substances that emit signals of desire and behavior through smell, and that play a fundamental role in seduction and in relationships with other beings in general. Discover thoroughly what they are and what they are for. What is Pheromone Pheromones are substances that serve to seduce and attract the opposite sex. They are […]

Human Nose Facts

Fact #1 The human nose can smell over 1 trillion scents, according to researchers. The nose smells with the olfactory cleft, which is the roof of the nasal cavity. It is right next to the “smelling” part of the brain, which consists of the olfactory bulb and fossa. This part of the nose has many […]