How Pheromones Work – 6 facts

How Pheromones Work Р6 facts

We tend to think that in sexual desire only what we see influences, but we leave aside that our body functions in complex ways and that in sexual attraction other factors like the smell, tone of voice, contact, among others, also influence making all the senses come into play. Surely you’ve heard of the famous pheromones, but what are they? and more importantly, how do pheromones work in our body? Does it have anything to do with sexual attraction?

Here are some facts:

  1. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by the body of animals and humans, in the animal kingdom they are used to communicate with members of the same species in order to send all kinds of messages: from mating signals to alerts or instructions.
    For many years there has been controversy as to whether or not humans produce pheromones and how useful they are.
  2. Recent studies have shown that humans actually produce and perceive pheromones. Several kinds of research have been able to conclude that pheromones act in specific cases, for example when women living together synchronize their menstrual cycles.
    These chemicals are secreted through sweat, so some areas of our body are large points to perceive, for example behind the ears, chest or armpits.
  3. But what many people do not know is that pheromones do not smell, do not have a specific aroma that can be identified by anyone. They are perceived by the vomeronasal organ, an auxiliary of smell located in the Vomer bone, which is between the nose and the mouth, and which has neurons capable of distinguishing chemical substances, such as pheromones.
    Once the vomeronasal organ captures the chemicals it sends a message to the hypothalamus, located in our brain, which generates physical and emotional responses in the individual, or at least this is what some scientists believe.
  4. Specific cases have been found in which pheromones act, such as the example of the alignment of the menstrual period in women or the transmission of fear. But no doubt what is most talked about is the pheromones in the sexual desire, as responsible for many times we feel sexually attracted to someone without knowing very well why.
    It is one more way that our body uses to communicate to the other our desire.
  5. It is known that in humans, pheromones do not function in the same way as in animals, and although they can influence sexual attraction and desire, we have other means to express desire, such as body language.
    However these chemicals continue to be the subject of many studies, and currently, the cosmetic industry includes them in many of its products for the purpose of attracting sexually.
  6. Pheromones are a good way to explain how many times someone can be powerfully attractive or sexual without us being able to explain why. As there are smells in a person that drives us crazy, and parts of the body, like behind the ears, we find it hard to stop kissing again and again.

Pheromones FAQ


The word “pheromone” comes from the Greek words ‘pheran’ and ‘horman’ which mean ‘carrier of excitement’. Pheromones are chemical substances of natural origin secreted by insects, animals, and people to attract the attention of the opposite sex.
Animals use them to demarcate their territory, find their peers of the opposite sex and to manifest their sexual disposition. For example, bitches secrete pheromones during the estrus period, which can attract males at distances of up to one kilometer.
In agriculture, pheromones have been used for years to attract and hunt insects and dangerous parasites using traps based on them. This method is very effective and safe for other animals and for the environment.
The pheromones of animals, such as musk, have been used in perfumery for a long time. Nowadays, human pheromones can be imitated synthetically and can be put on sale for the satisfaction of personal purposes.


Yes! However, after tens of thousands of generations and as a result of that development and humans we do not secrete so many pheromones naturally and we only do it when we sweat.
As you can understand, that is not the best way to meet other people. The irony of all this is that when we shower we wash our own natural pheromones. And when we use deodorant what we do is close and clog our pores, which are the vehicle through which we secrete pheromones.
We do not all produce the same amount of pheromones. Some produce more natural pheromones than others, which is why sometimes less attractive people do not face any problems to attract more charming ones.
If we consider that every time our body releases pheromones the quantities issued are very small and that they act for a short interval of time, we can deduce the advantages of having a strong dose of human pheromones of synthetic origin.


Although there are more than 50 different types of human pheromones, three types of pheromones are mainly used in human synthetic pheromone products:

  • ANDROSTENONE (ANDROSTENONE – 5-Alpha-Androst-16-en3-one): This pheromone transmits strength, aggression, and dominance, and is mainly secreted by axillary sweat glands, especially in men. She attracts women, while men elude her. Independent research has shown that by spraying androstenone on one of ten chairs, women preferably sat on it. This same experiment was successfully repeated with telephone booths. It turned out that women not only called from the pheromone-sprayed booths but that the average duration of conversations in them was greater.
    Probably due to the analogy of the chairs and the cabins, at least in regard to the sign of smell since they do not represent any type of threat, women were unconsciously attracted to the chairs and booths that had powdered pheromones, as if they were a Certain type of safe and invisible refuge.
    In both experiments, the men reacted in a completely different way. They eluded contact with chairs and booths that had powdered pheromones. It is assumed that men prefer to avoid territory that has already been marked by a more dominant male. The market value of androstenone varies from 14,500, – euros per gram when buying small quantities up to 4,600, – euros when purchasing large volumes of it.
  • ANDROSTENOL (ANDROSTENOL – 5Alfa Androst-16-en-3Alfa-ol): It is also found in sweat. This pheromone is associated with juvenile fertility. The maximum production of this substance is reached at 20 years after its production begins to decline rapidly. The most interesting effect of this chemical is that it can influence the impressions and perceptions, as well as the valuation of other people.
    A group of people was told that they were going to participate in an experiment whose objective was to check the influence of stress on their assessments and decisions by wearing a sanitary mask. Then they began to show pictures of women, men, wild animals, trees and buildings and asked them to rate these photos according to aggressiveness/passivity, attraction/repulsion, benevolence/malice and other features reflected in these photographs while they were wearing masks. Each participant was tested twice in two weeks. The examinees ignored that in one of those two times, there was a small amount of androstenol on the masks. Both times the same photos were shown and the results differed markedly in the presence of androstenol. The perception of buildings and trees practically did not change. Wild animals were valued as impetuous, with less chance of predicting their behavior, however, in the photos of people real differences were noticed. The same men that women seemed more sensitive, noble, intelligent, sexually more attractive, affectionate, benevolent, more self-confident. The business people noticed that this gave them advantages in relation to their clients. Elderly people also felt a certain effect and noticed small changes in the behavior of others towards them.)
  • COPULINES: They are small fatty acids of different types (from C2 to C6) found in the vaginal secretions of adult women. It has been noted that copulins create a relaxing effect in men. Starting from the above and that tension and stress are the main causes of impotence in men, these pheromones present a favorable opportunity. The copulins are secreted mostly during the fertile period of the menstrual cycle of women, shortly before ovulation and send a very clear signal of a call to a sexual contact. The amount of copulin produced decreases markedly in women who use contraception and in whom menopause has begun.


Human behavior is much more complex than that of other types of animals, although they have the same needs and certain natural instincts. All living beings tend to reproduce and mate. The secretion of pheromones is a natural mechanism of mutual attraction to the opposite sex. It has been a long time since men and women have known that sexual attraction and smell are related to each other. That is why every year thousands of euros are spent on perfumes and aromas! And although pheromones have virtually no smell, they are captured by the organ of the nasal vomer (OVN), located in the back of the nose, which sends this information directly to the hypothalamus of our brain, where our sexual instincts are controlled. The essential in the secretion of pheromones is the guarantee of sexual attraction between individuals of the same gender and nature. That is why it is logical that by applying additional pheromones you increase your sexual attraction.


In reality, humans can not sniff the odorless pheromones, they are unconsciously perceived by the organ of the nasal vomer (OVN). The OVN system consists of two sensory organs located in the back of the nose that function independently of the remaining organ of smell. The VNO is used by the organism only for the perception of pheromones. The VNO consists of two small receptors that are directly connected to the nervous system, going directly to the hypothalamus, the center of our brain, where our primary instincts and emotions are located, without going through the cerebral cortex that controls our consciousness. We can not know the smell of sexual stimulators, but we perceive them subconsciously because the nerves of the VNO do not pass through the cerebral cortex. And in general, we feel attraction, excitement and more freedom with respect to the opposite sex thanks to the abundant secretion of these chemical substances.


Pheromones may have a slight odor of musk. The statement “without smell” means that pheromones are very effective for their concentration and that they are not perceived by our usual organ of smell.

Some people can feel the smell of pheromones at very short distances. That is why we recommend using perfumes and deodorants with non-perfumed products based on pheromones. In addition, specifically when you apply an attractive scent, there is always someone who sucks it in deeply, and the pheromones enter more effectively into function.
Regarding “Hum, what is that smell?”, With pheromones happens like that. Often that will be the first reaction you hear. Such reactions will take place even when using non-perfumed pheromones without additional odors. And then, what are the smells that other people feel? These scents can arise for different reasons: by shampoo, deodorant, soap or a combination of all of them. But then, why does the smell seem so interesting to you? That’s why, for the pheromones!


Make one or two applications on clean skin at key points such as the neck or the inside of the wrists. It is in these areas of the body where the skin generates more heat, intensifying the effectiveness of our formulas. Pheromones are only for topical use.
Its effect is optimal in people who are within a radius of about 3 meters of whoever wears them. Pheromones begin to influence the behavior of others after about 7 seconds of exposure; the effect reaches its maximum after about 30 to 60 seconds. The effects of pheromones last up to 6 hours after their application.


Our exclusive pheromone formulas unleash an unconscious chemosensory reaction in people in your immediate environment. Pheromone formulas create feelings of confidence, relaxation, safety, sensuality and less shyness.
The best results are achieved in people within a radius of 3 meters. At 7 seconds after exposure, pheromones begin to influence the behavior of others. The total effect starts at 30 or 60 seconds. The effects of pheromones are more potent during the first six hours after their application.


The propagated “momentary effect”, as they call it in different media and websites, is not so remarkable in reality since pheromones are perceived at the level of our subconscious, also, for us humans, they also influence the environment and the significant moments in different situations.

Do not have the erroneous and exaggerated belief that with the help of pheromones you can seduce everything you want or that the opposite sex will go crazy with desire.
Pheromones are an auxiliary means and not a magic means. Some people will react to pheromone signals more strongly than

others. The reactions will have an individual character since they depend on who receives the signals and the circumstances in which this occurs; These reactions will be noticed according to the frequency with which the eye contact occurs, they may smile more often, establish a conversation, have physical contact as a game or flirt or even reach more open sexual reactions.
Experience has shown that a very attractive type does not receive pheromones as strong an effect as the average man receives; the ordinary person immediately receives from the pheromones something inexplicable and particular that makes her an attractive person

Our products contain male and female pheromones (alpha-androstenol and alpha-androstenone), in the same way, that has been thought by our mother nature. Women tend to become less aware and franker, while men feel more determined and daring, security grows in their manhood. The same men that women feel less tense and more confident in themselves. As a result, we get more eye contact, more talk, and more intimacy.


Pheromones act the same for heterosexuals as homosexuals. In any case, it is necessary to use those pheromones that have been created to attract the sex of interest.


The action of pheromones can be differentiated depending on the sensitivity of the receptors in the organ of the nasal vomer. If, as a result of a wound or operation, someone has extracted the organ of the nasal vomer, then there will be no reaction to the pheromones. In addition, it has turned out that the reaction to pheromones is even stronger among people in the process of mutual knowledge.
It is also assumed that women are generally more sensitive to pheromones than men.


We do not know if it’s good or bad, but we always try to classify everything we find, put everything in its place. This is the only way to master all our daily impressions. Every time we find an unknown person we always try to analyze and evaluate it, and as a result, we classify it according to our judgments.

Once you have been cataloged by someone, it will be very difficult to vacate that place. It is possible, but difficult to achieve. If you have been in “one” of those performances for thirty years, do not expect to leave it in three days. It will take some time before something changes and the smells in such situations do not exert such a decisive influence as they do on people we know for the first time.

From another point of view, if you know someone for the first time, and you have applied pheromones, then the first impression about you will be positive under the influence of the unconscious perception of pheromones. From the very beginning, people will feel more attraction, more excitement and more freedom in all actions related to you.


The pheromones used in our products are synthetic copies of human pheromones. Today’s producers have practically stopped using animal pheromones, although some use very small amounts. In the present, the pheromones found in synthetic products are also produced separately. Human pheromones are as easy to produce as animal pheromones, so there are not many reasons not to produce them.


Pheromones are best preserved in cool, dark places and preferably away from the sun’s rays.


A few years if they are properly preserved.


Pheromones do not represent any danger if they are used correctly. Pheromones are only for external use, that is, as perfumes or deodorants. Its bases can be oils, alcohol (what can be flammable) or combinations of oil and alcohol.


Regarding this question, everything can happen. However, during the last 4 years of the sale of our products in the US. and all over the world, the pheromone producer has not received a single confirmed complaint. The ingredients used in our products are of superior quality and high purity, thanks to which the possibilities of allergic reactions are very small.


The pheromones are for external use only! To achieve the desired effect, usually, a couple of drops are enough on the neck, hands or clothes.

As for the amount used each time it is necessary to orient oneself depending on the concentration of pheromones in different products. As a rule, the increase of the recommended doses is not effective and represents a useless expense, even creating the opposite effect. For example, when too much androstenone is applied, a great deal of aggressiveness and domination can be radiated over those around us, with all the consequences that may derive from it.

To increase the perception of satisfaction during the sexual act, pheromone drops can be applied on those parts of the body that can be found closer to the nose of our partner.


The application is equally effective on the skin and clothes. Pheromones placed on the skin will evaporate more quickly due to body heat, hence its most immediate effect. This is desirable in certain circumstances, but it also means that the effective ingredients will wear out more quickly. In addition, pheromones applied to the skin will also be washed earlier and will be broken down by skin bacteria, usually within 4 to 6 hours after exposure, but this depends directly on body temperature and sweat. In winter, pheromones placed in the palm of the hand will act for longer.

The scent of perfumed pheromone products vanishes in a couple of hours, but pheromones will remain active for much longer.
The non-scented products on alcoholic bases are easy to apply on clothes. Keep in mind that pheromones will remain on clothes for a LONG time (even up to several weeks!), And several washes may be necessary before they disappear altogether. It is recommended to be careful when applying on any type of products on very fine fabrics and fabrics.


If only a couple of drops are used sporadically, then the bottle will last much longer.


Clear! Actually, they will act even better when used with perfumes. The pheromones act in parallel to the ordinary odors through the vomeronasal organ (VNO). Pheromones are perceived unconsciously, while common smells are consciously perceived by the “usual” organ of smell.

There are pheromone concentrates previously destined to be combined with common aromas and perfumes with the objective of combining the best of those two worlds. You are a carrier of your own fragrance, only enriched with pheromones. The combination of pheromones with their preferred aroma does not influence the effectiveness of both. Just make sure that when combining pheromones with perfumes, the first ones are made on an alcoholic basis, which allows the combination thanks to its dissolving power.


Wherever there are people. Actually, there are some places more suitable than others, in particular when we start learning how to use them. For example, the discs are less suitable, since these places are often full of people and the air is full of smoke and smell of sweat. The best places to start are the department stores, libraries, bookstores or your workplace. Try to smile and converse benevolently, and you will be surprised by the results!
If you want to use pheromones in clubs and clubs, then you have to apply more than usual to compensate for the circumstances of the medium, but be careful not to apply too much for close contacts.


The most obvious reason is the fact of making our life more romantic, although pheromones can be used for other purposes. Pheromones are often purchased by people who use them for their professional life. It is always useful for people to perceive you positively, but even more so during the signing of agreements, in business conversations or when working with other people. They will behave more frankly and freely with you, value you more, or simply feel directly attracted to you. The advantages are more than convincing! If you are looking for a job, if you want to sell something or are interested in signing an agreement, pheromones can add that something that will help you prosper.
Older people also take advantage of the positive effect of pheromones and notice certain changes in the behavior of others with respect to them.


If you want to use pheromones for general purposes, make sure that the product you use has a well-balanced combination of pheromones. If you intend to use only androstenone, then you will attract women, but it will give a false signal of aggression to men. In this case, make sure that the product also contains androstenol.

How to Emit More Of Natural Pheromones?

Pheromones are substances that emit signals of desire and behavior through smell, and that play a fundamental role in seduction and in relationships with other beings in general. Discover thoroughly what they are and what they are for.

What is Pheromone

Pheromones are substances that serve to seduce and attract the opposite sex. They are synthesized naturally throughout the animal kingdom, even in humans and have their own characteristics in each species. For this reason, only human pheromones have an effect on humans.

Before buying synthetics or the so-called ‘natural’, which are marketed in the market, learn how to make homemade pheromones, reading this report.

Natural way of producing pheromones

First of all, you should know that no vegetable produces pheromones. Pheromones are substances that arouse the attraction of another member of the same species, which is why they will not serve you, those that are obtained from other animals.

Human pheromones can be obtained naturally from sweat and other secretions. However, to achieve a few milligrams of pheromones, several liters of sweat is required, so no pheromone provider offers pheromones, which are truly natural and human. In the best case, it is human pheromones synthesized in the laboratory.

The problem is that in the synthesis process undesirable substances are produced, which are not always correctly separated from the final product, which is offered for sale. For all these reasons, if you are thinking of pheromones to attract the opposite sex, the homemade alternative is the most recommended and safe.

Role of the pheromones

The main function of pheromones is communication, in it’s most primitive form; that is, without words or gestures. They serve to challenge others to adopt one or another behavior. Learn more about what this type of substance is for.

Improve relationships in the sexual, social and work. Pheromones not only serve to enhance sexual life, they also improve relationships at work, in the circle of friends and in the family, in addition to helping to overcome shyness. The human pheromones of sex are natural substances that the body exhales, in certain situations and that contrary to what is thought does not have a perceptible smell, despite provoking reactions in others, through smell. They influence in the relations between the sexes, from enhancing sexual desire.

They serve to develop the power of attraction. The key to personal seduction lies in naturally synthesized pheromones, to a greater or lesser extent, in all people. The secret of developing the power of attraction to the fullest is to unleash the mechanisms that stimulate the natural production of pheromones in the body.

Determining the “chemistry” between people, pheromones are responsible for the famous “skin issue”, which makes us feel a special sexual attraction for certain people, regardless of other factors of knowledge or prior relationship. Something that would also explain the so-called “love at first sight”, which would rather belove at first smell.
They make each person unique. For the same reason that there is no perfect perfume, for everyone, you can not go out and buy your pheromones (actually – yes, you can). You have your own fragrant brand that identifies you, differentiates you and makes you attractive to others. It is only training, to recover a faculty present in human beings at its origin and that has been atrophied, in the course of time.

How to produce more of pheromones naturally?

The centers that regulate the excretion of pheromones are related to the hypothalamus. Everything that stimulates these centers will contribute to increasing your natural pheromones, with the consequent increase in your sexual attraction power.

Frequent and satisfying sexual activities are the best stimulant to increase the production of pheromones, as well as the practice of exercises and basically, everything that causes pleasure even if it is not directly sexual.

Obviously, the list of natural aphrodisiacs is added to this list to stimulate the senses, be it aphrodisiac foods such as cocktails or aphrodisiac herbs. So you know, the best way for your pheromones to get going and make you irresistible to the opposite sex is to make love more often and enjoy it fully.