Pure Pheromones For Advanced Users


This pheromone transmits strength, aggression, and dominance, and is mainly secreted by axillary sweat glands, especially in men. She attracts women, while men elude her. Independent research has shown that by spraying androstenone on one of ten chairs, women preferably sat on it. This same experiment was successfully repeated with telephone booths. It turned out that women not only called from the pheromone-sprayed booths but that the average duration of conversations in them was greater.
Probably due to the analogy of the chairs and the cabins, at least in regard to the sign of smell since they do not represent any type of threat, women were unconsciously attracted to the chairs and booths that had powdered pheromones, as if they were a certain type of safe and invisible refuge.
In both experiments, the men reacted in a completely different way. They eluded contact with chairs and booths that had powdered pheromones. It is assumed that men prefer to avoid territory that has already been marked by a more dominant male. The market value of androstenone varies from 14,500, – euros per gram when buying small quantities up to 4,600, – euros when purchasing large volumes of it.


It is also found in sweat. This pheromone is associated with juvenile fertility. The maximum production of this substance is reached at 20 years after its production begins to decline rapidly. The most interesting effect of this chemical is that it can influence the impressions and perceptions, as well as the valuation of other people.
A group of people was told that they were going to participate in an experiment whose objective was to check the influence of stress on their assessments and decisions by wearing a sanitary mask. Then they began to show pictures of women, men, wild animals, trees and buildings and asked them to rate these photos according to aggressiveness/passivity, attraction/repulsion, benevolence/malice and other features reflected in these photographs while they were wearing masks. Each participant was tested twice in two weeks. The examinees ignored that in one of those two times, there was a small amount of androstenol on the masks. Both times the same photos were shown and the results differed markedly in the presence of androstenol. The perception of buildings and trees practically did not change. Wild animals were valued as impetuous, with less chance of predicting their behavior, however, in the photos of people real differences were noticed. The same men that women seemed more sensitive, noble, intelligent, sexually more attractive, affectionate, benevolent, more self-confident. The business people noticed that this gave them advantages in relation to their clients. Elderly people also felt a certain effect and noticed small changes in the behavior of others towards them.)


They are small fatty acids of different types (from C2 to C6) found in the vaginal secretions of adult women. It has been noted that copulins create a relaxing effect in men. Starting from the above and that tension and stress are the main causes of impotence in men, these pheromones present a favorable opportunity. The copulins are secreted mostly during the fertile period of the menstrual cycle of women, shortly before ovulation and send a very clear signal of the call to the sexual contact. The amount of copulin produced decreases markedly in women who use contraception and in whom menopause has begun.


This pheromone produced by man. It is connected directly to the sex hormone testosterone. Some men who use fragrances with this pheromone have also stated that other men have seen more respect.


This is another pheromone created by women, and it elevates the mood in men when they are close.