Arome De Femme


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Exclusively available at Love Scent, Arome De Femme was developed in Paris with a lovely French scent infused with copulins. Arome De Femme has a light floral scent that is sure to please the senses of you and the people you interact with.
The specially engineered copulin formula is intended to have a romantic effect, perfect to wear during dates with a new acquaintance or a current partner. Users have reported that Arome De Femme has helped them develop trust and sexual energy with their partners.
If you need a new perfume and would like a boost of confidence on your next date, try Arome De Femme and you won't be disappointed.
Scent Notes: Base notes of musk, vertiver, and sandalwood. Heart notes of floral essences. Top notes of citrus and vanilla.
Pheromone Content: Each 15 ml bottle of Arome De Femme comes packed with copulins to ensure a romantic and sexy atmosphere.