Edge Wipes for Men (18-pack)


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Edge Wipes (for Men)
Product Description:
Edge Pheromone Cologne Spray, available now in moist towelettes, offers all the benefits of Edge in a convenient take-along format. Read for instant deployment, Edge scented pheromones create appeal in the wearer while making them more attractive and approachable.

2.4mg of pure 100% pheromones per bottle
Remarkable staying power, highly potent formula requires just one or two sprays

What Users Say:
JohnnyHard on Pherotruth, concludes that Edge is great for getting people to approach you, he thinks that The Edge is best used  for social gatherings, at work, or for otherwise daytime use since it draws women to you from distances ; “The Edge leaves a trail in the air and is very good for daytime use because women will be able to detect you” (_JohhnyHard on Pherotruth).
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