Mojo Pro for men


$17.94 $14.95

Mojo Pro for Men is a relatively new British pheromone formula designed specifically to boost your sexual attractiveness. Mojo Pro is a reasonably priced, entry-level pheromone product that can help you take your first step into the world of pheromones.
Mojo Pro for Men comes in a convenient 3ml pocket atomizer, and is unscented so it can be used with any of your favorite colognes. Apply Mojo Pro to your neck, wrists, and pulse points, then cover it with any fragrance you want. After that, you can feel confident in any social situation and other people will see you as more attractive. At only $12.95 a bottle, you have nothing to lose!
Mojo Pro for Men is also available as part of our Pheromone Sampler for Men. which also includes samples of all of our Gel Packs for Men as well as a bottle of Master Mini.