New Pheromax Trust for Women


$119.94 $99.95

New Pheromax Trust for Women is a hi-tech, German engineered pheromone product sure to bring in the hits. With 5 mg of highly concentrated pheromones packed into a very strong 14 ml metal cylindrical atomizer, New Pheromax Trust for Women looks and feels as efficient as it works. Pheromax is unscented, and the atomizer can be opened so you can add your own cover fragrance and use the atomizer over and over again with your own favorite pheromone mixtures.
New Pheromax Trust for Women adds a natural social hormone to the original Pheromax formula. Studies have shown that this hormone help you gain the trust of others, and make them feel more comfortable around you. If you work in sales, customer service, or any other line of work that requires you to interact with other people a lot, New Pheromax Trust for Women can put you ahead of the game.
Pheromone Content: 5 mg total dry weight of copulins, androsteNOL, and estratetraenol.